Benefits of Wool

When it comes to installing a new carpet, you have plenty of options to choose from. Among the highest quality materials is wool carpeting. Wool gives your carpet a soft, luxurious texture that you will love. Shop our wide selection of wool options.

Benefits of wool

Only Top Brands

Wool carpets are easier to clean because of their natural oils and textures which make it resistant to soiling. This type of carpet easily repels spills and allows most messes to be cleaned up by blotting as soon as a spill occurs.

The fibers of wool can also trap dust particles until it is vacuumed. This causes a reduction in airborne dust which can give you relief from dust allergies.

We use only the top brands

• Shaw
• Royalty
• Camelot
• Tuftex
• Stanton
• Unique Wool
• Milliken

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Feel good about choosing a naturally sustainable, environmentally friendly material.